Winter Protectant Treatments

Arbortech can assist in protecting your valuable evergreen plantings during the cold winter months. Arbortech provides burlapping services as well as anti-dessicant. This combination keeps your plants safe harsh winter weather, roaming deer, and the threat of wilting.

It is important to protect your trees and other plant life during the winter months.

Trees and shrubs can be susceptible to drying out during cold winter months, due to water not being able to be properly “delivered” to plants and roots. Plants have to use whatever water is stored in their stems and leaves.

The process of winterizing is vital; in doing so, you protect the greenery from the elements.

You can construct wind blocks around plants, trees and shrubs or use burlap to wrap the tree as protection, however there are other methods to consider including protecting plants from desiccation, or drying out, using a simple spray. In the case of evergreen foliage, a spray coating can help alleviate any nourishment issues by preserving water from escaping. Such sprays are biodegradable, protecting the plant during the winter but disappear by the time spring’s warmth arrives. Sometimes it’s better to spray multiple times, especially when winters are longer than normal.

Winter can wreak havoc in other ways.

  • Cold spells can damage plant tissues that haven’t had a chance to harden
  • Dry winds and winter sun can dry out conifer needles and evergreen foliage
  • Plants can’t take up water to replace the moisture lost from evaporation and transpiration
  • Midwinter thaws can “fool” plants and tender new growth may be killed by the next cold snap
  • Freeze/thaw cycles can heave new plants out of the ground, leaving roots exposed
  • Bright winter sun heats up dark tree bark, which can freeze and crack
  • Deer, mice, rabbits and other animals gnaw bark and browse leaves and twigs during winter

Healthy plants are more likely to get through winter unharmed. A plant that has struggled during the growing season, whether due to insufficient sunlight, water or nutrients, or heavy damage from insects or disease, will enter winter in a vulnerable state. Start your winter-protection strategy early with careful care during the growing season.

It is important to protect the root systems of young plants and trees. This can be achieved by applying a layer of mulch on top of the soil around the root system. Mulch acts as an insulator that protects the roots when the temperature drops. Mulch acts as a weed deterrent and helps retain moisture. Laying down a weed-mat barrier and covering the barrier with mulch is a good way to protect your plants.