Lawn Fertilization

Lawn program applications are an absolutely essential part of creating a lush and healthy yard. Our expert lawn care consultants diagnose your property and create application programs specific to the unique needs of your property. Turf grass requires a minimum of 16 nutrients for normal growth and development. The exact amount needed varies by species, coalition soil, and climate. Our specialists understand exactly what nutrients are needed, the frequency of application, and the appropriate timing to properly nurture your lawn. Consistent and accurate treatment is needed to create a lawn that is tolerant to stress, disease, and insect damage. Without proper applications, your turf may experience a nutrient deficiency making it more susceptible to disease, weeds, and insects. A lawn care program that incorporates our specialized blends of lawn nutrients will encourage root growth resulting in a thicker, healthier lawn.

Lawn Care Program: April-November

As the warmer months approach, spring/summer lawn care including regular lawn applications are essential and maintaining a healthy, lush, green lawn.

Fall Lawn Fertilization

Just two applications of fertilizer between September and November will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to develop a deep, strong root system that will keep it healthy throughout the winter months. Resulting in a thicker lawn with color lasting long into the following spring.

Weed Control

Our programs involve both pre-emergent and post-emergent applications to prevent spring weed emergence and to control pervasive weeds in the summer. Arbortech equipment is calibrated to apply the proper amount of product to eliminate weeds. Contact treatments are made at peak germination periods of broadleaf weeds. The control product must contact leaf surface of the plant to be effective.

Weed control products used by Arbortech are tested and registered by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and are applied by licensed, trained professionals.

Lawn Fungus

Although good cultural practices are our first line of defense against diseases, lawn fungicides may occasionally be necessary. Lawn disease are naturally occurring and are caused by living microscopic organisms in and around the soil. We apply fungicide to the lawns to prevent fungus with our fertilization program.

Lawn Insect Control

Throughout the growing season, your lawn will encounter surface feeding insects that can do damage to your turf. During the growing season we will monitor your turf to diagnose if these insects are present. An application will be applied as need for your property to protect from these surface feeding insects.




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