Do your fruit trees struggle to produce edible fruit?

Arbortech offers fruit tree care programs that can help you get that fresh fruit you are looking for. Our fruit tree care programs are ecologically friendly to maximize the potential of fresh and safe fruit production. Fruit trees are delicate, and require appropriate nurturing and care to keep them healthy. Some common problems include insect fungus, poor soil conditions, and a lack of water. When these problems are overlooked, it becomes difficult for the tree to produce edible fruit. The first step in recovering your fruit tree is a professional evaluation. This evaluation provides a baseline for your tree’s health, allowing us to build a comprehensive program around it.

An added service to increase fruit productivity is yearly pruning to your trees. We recommend hard pruning of these trees once a year to really establish a healthy tree.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

  • Encourage fruit growth by stimulating the formation of fruit buds
  • Grow higher quality fruit opening up the canopy for light penetration
  • Remove dead/diseased branches to maintain a healthy tree
  • Control the size of the tree and stimulate new growth in desired locations.