Deer Control

Deer are one of the most significant threats to plant and tree health in the Hamptons. They don’t just go after new flowers but also established trees and shrubs. In recent years, deer have begun to eat previously resistant plant varieties. Deer also host several tick varieties, each deer carrying an average of 200. The strongest deterrent is deer fencing supplemented with regular spraying. Allow our team to protect your landscape with a well crafted deer plan.

Tree and Shrub:

This program provides year round protection of your ornamental trees and shrubs.


This program provides Spring, Summer, and Fall protection for all tender flowering annuals and perennials. This is typically applied once per month, but the schedule can be adjusted depending on the growth of your plants. Some customers prefer twice monthly sprays throughout the Spring while their plants are first blooming.

Winter Protection:

We spray a product that lasts the entire winter season to protect your evergreens and non-deciduous plants, such as azaleas, hemlocks, pines and rhododendrons. We use a product that has a clear ‘sticker’ so that your landscape is not stained an unflattering color.

12 Month Program:

This program combines our Herbaceous, Tree & Shrub and Winter programs for complete, year-round protection of your property.

How Does the Product Work?

The repellent that we spray helps to block the natural smell of the plant, which deters the deer from eating it. Most deer will smell it, think that it’s not a food source for them, and walk away without even taking a nibble; others might try it, but they won’t like it.